Fatwa Night

WHEN: Friday, Nov 2nd, Maghreb to Isha WHERE: Main prayer hall SPEAKER: Dr. Salah Elsawy, with English translation by Shaikh Mamdouh Please send any questions to the Shaikh using this online form. Program will be live streamed on Facebook Dinner will be served

Friday Night Talk

WHEN: Friday, Oct 26th, from Maghreb to Isha WHERE: Main prayer hall TOPIC: Importance of youth mentoring SPEAKER: Br. Ali Salim (Br. Ali is one of Shaikh Mamdouh’s students) Dinner will be served

Tajweed Intensive for Sisters

WHEN: Saturday, Nov 3, 2018, from 2:30 – 6:30 PM WHERE: Clear Lake Islamic Center at 17511 El Camino Real, Houston, 77058 TEACHER: Ustadha Badia Khazaal FOR MORE INFORMATION: Call Sister Ruth Nasrullah at 281-480-3325 Ustadha Badia Khazaal is the Director at Institute of Qur’an, Read More …

Walk the Talk

WHEN: Friday, Oct 19th, Maghreb to Isha (6:50 PM) WHERE: Main prayer hall SPEAKER: Sh. Mamdouh A talk about practical approaches to challenges facing our youth Dinner will be served after Isha

Following the Stars

WHEN: Saturday, Oct 13th, 2018, 6:00 – 8:30 PM WHERE: Main prayer hall SPEAKERS: Shaikh Mamdouh Mahmoud, Mufti Abdul Rahman, and Shaikh Usman Fuad Join us for an evening of knowledge and guidance as we explore the lives of the Sahaba (RA) and how our youth can connect with Read More …