Gender, Sexuality, Morality & Identity with Ustadh Sharif El-Tobgui


bi-smi llāhi r-raḥmāni r-raḥīm

In an increasingly complex world, how may one navigate and approach these contemporary topics in light of Islamic teachings!

Inviting all youth (13+)parents, and educators to this nationally recognized workshop with Dr. Sharif El-Tobgui* on the topic of Gender, Sexuality, Morality & Identity.

Elaborating a framework of understanding and a practical approach in light of Islamic teachings and the challenges of today!

The workshop will run from 4:30PM to 6:30PM via Zoom (and YouTube) with breaks, Q/A, and prizes! Please Click Here To Access The Registration (RSVP) Form.

There is no cost of admission for this beautiful collaborative effort. Please share the word and join insha’Allaah!

This workshop is part of our WIS – OYD Youth Class 2020-21 curriculum. The Youth Class covers contemporary issues with the high schoolers. For this specific subject, we are delighted to have a nationally recognized expert on the subject.

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Please Click Here To Access The Registration (RSVP) Form

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More About Dr. Sharif El-Tobgui:

* Carl Sharif El-Tobgui holds a B.S. in Arabic Language from Georgetown University and a Master’s and Ph.D. in Islamic Studies from McGill University and currently serves as Associate Professor Arabic & Islamic Studies and Director of the Arabic Language Program at Brandeis. He previously taught for five years at Harvard University as Preceptor of Arabic, and has also taught at the Middlebury College Summer Arabic Language School. Prof. El-Tobgui’s scholarly expertise lies in the field of Islamic thought, with a concentration on theology, law, and jurisprudence. He is particularly interested in questions concerning the relationship between reason and revelation in the Islamic tradition, and has published on the manifestations of this tension in the fields of classical Islamic jurisprudence and Qur’anic exegesis. He has just completed his first monograph, an extensive study of Ibn Taymiyya’s (d. 1328) 10-volume work, “Refutation of Contradiction Between Reason and Revelation” (published Open Access by E.J. Brill, 2020). In addition to his expertise in Islamic thought, Prof. El-Tobgui has a deep love of language in general and of Classical Arabic in particular and has enjoyed for many years exploring the intricacies of Arabic grammar as well as classical literature and poetry with his students. (few scholarly works)


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