Houston Peace Academy’s Merger with Brighter Horizons

FROM:   Islamic Educations Institute of Texas (IEIT)
RE:         Houston Peace Academy’s merger with Brighter Horizons

Assalamu Alaikum,

The Islamic Education Institute of Texas (IEIT) and ISGH are pleased to announce that Houston Peace Academy will be merging with the new chapter of Brighter Horizons Academy, BHA Houston, that is opening in Fall 2019 at Paradise Farms!

The Spring Educational Foundation (SEF), a newly formed nonprofit dedicated to providing educational services in the North Houston area, has partnered with Paradise Farms and Brighter Horizons Academy to open an Islamic school at the state-of-the-art and fully functional school building located on the Paradise Farms development. After listening to community feedback, having extensive discussions with SEF and reviewing SEF’s financial projections for the success of the new school, IEIT and ISGH have decided to collaborate with SEF and BHA by transitioning HPA into BHA Houston.

IEIT and ISGH believe this merger is in the best interests of the unity of the community and have been assured by the SEF team and their financial projections that this school will be financially viable. We are looking forward to collaborating with BHA Houston to help this school flourish and to provide excellent educational services and facilities to the Houston community inshaAllah.

HPA will continue to remain open and operate as usual for the remainder of the school year, and the transition to BHA Houston will take place over the summer of this year. IEIT will be following up with more information and announcements in the upcoming weeks regarding next steps.

For additional information please feel free to reach out by email to [email protected]. We are looking forward to embarking on this new educational endeavor together inshaAllah!

Walaikum Assalam,
IEIT Board of Trustees