ISGH Cemeteries

Assalamu Alaykum

ISGH had purchased land for a Muslim cemetery in the area close to the highway 290 and highway 288:

  • 58.1 acres were purchased near 290 in June 2017
  • 78.96 acres were purchased near 288 in December 2017

Land near Highway 290

  • A contractor has been selected for the design phase of the property ($130k) estimated to take 3 months.
  • The construction/development of the land will be done in a phased approached (multiple phases over the years). The first phase is the development of a 10 acre section estimated to take 6 months. This will allow for low cost burial for all Muslims in the greater Houston area.

Land near Highway 288

  • Feasibility studies continue on this land and updates will be shared soon.

All Muslims are invited to support the development of these two cemeteries.  To donate any amount, one-time or as recurring payments, please use the following link: