Ramadan Guidelines – 2021

Last updated: April 11th, 2021

Assalamu Alaykum

General Ramadan Guidelines were published by ISGH on March 29th for all its centers across the Greater Houston area with the goal to allow everyone to safely perform their ibadah in light of the current pandemic that has affected our daily lives.

Masjid AlSalam has specific guidelines and planning for our masjid that are provided below.

Guidelines Issued by Masjid AlSalam

The Masjid AlSalam community is requested to follow the following Ramadan plan that was designed to address the ongoing pandemic concerns:


1. Isha and 8 Rakaahs of Taraweh will be prayed in under an hour (approx. 45 minutes), Insha Allah.
2. Imams will lead prayers in the Multi-Purpose Hall (MPH / gym).
3. Overflow of attendees from MPH will be accommodated in the main Masjid prayer hall, carpeted area and verandah of Masjid.
4. Ladies’ prayer arrangement is in the ladies’ room on ground floor and upper floor. The room at ground floor is recommended for handicapped ladies only.
5. Tahajjud is planned in last 10 nights, Insha Allah.
6. Aitekaf is not planned this year in the last 10 days of Ramadan.
6. No face-to-face lectures or sermons will be offered from Maghrib to end of Witr this year.
7. Wudu should be done at home.


1. Insha Allah dates and water will be available for Iftar.
2. The masjid is not organizing or providing dinner this year.


1. Please follow the CDC guidelines as adopted by the ISGH Executive Board.
2. All attendees must use a face mask, bring their own prayer rug, maintain 6ft of social distance and use hand sanitizer.
3. All mussalleen must pray only on the designated prayer spots that are marked with the blue tape.
4. Fully vaccinated attendees must also follow these safeguards.
5. Children 10 years or younger are not permitted.
6. People leaving after 8 Rakaahs are requested to leave the facility without socializing. Please cooperate with Security.
7. There are no facilities provided for baby-sitting.
8. Please note: The capacity of Masjid is reduced following the safe distance guidelines – 312 men and 65 women can be accommodated in the present arrangement. .


1. The Houston Sheriff or Police officers will be available for the security of community.
2. Private Security Guards will be deputed to assist Police officers.
3. Please follow instructions of the security team.
4. In consideration of ongoing security situation; Masjid will be closed and alarms will be activated 30 minutes after completion of Witr Prayers.

Guidelines Issued by ISGH – March 29th, 2021

  1. Masking and social distancing continue to be mandatory inside our centers.
  2. Community members are still required to bring their own prayer rugs.
  3. Everyone is encouraged to do wodhu from home. Restroom and Wudu areas will be available at reduced capacities.
  4. ISGH centers will not be hosting sit-in Iftar gatherings. Most centers will have drive-through Iftar pick up. (Please check with your local center for details).
  5. Taraweeh: ISGH centers will host Taraweeh prayers InshaAllah. They will wrap up Isha salah and the first eight rakahs of Taraweeh in 45 mins.
  6. Each center will announce its own Qiyam program.
  7. Children under 10 years old are not allowed for Taraweeh.
  8. All ISGH centers will have Security/Police during the entire Taraweeh.
  9. People not praying should leave the indoor masjid/community premises.

The official text released by ISGH can be reviewed here.