The goal of the Masjid AlSalam scholarship program is to provide financial assistance for university or community college tuition to students in its community.

What we are offering:
  • Four $2000/year scholarships and four $1500/year scholarships for up to two years to graduating high school students.  To be awarded for the FALL 2018 semester.
  • Two $2000/year scholarships and two $1000/year scholarships for up to two years (depending on credit hours) for applicants currently enrolled in college or university. This scholarship will only be awarded one-time to a given student.  To be awarded for the SPRING 2018 semester.

Scholarships are not available for summer or minimester classes.

  • Anyone may apply.
  • Applicant must reside in one of the zip codes that are designated by ISGH to be serviced by Masjid AlSalam.  These include:
    • 77014, 77065, 77066, 77068, 77070, 77090, 77302, 77373, 77375, 77377, 77379, 77382, 77388,77389, 77395, 77429
  • Attending an accredited public institution.
Application Process:
  • Complete the required Masjid Al Salam Application form. On the form please indicate if you are applying for the Spring 2018 (currently in college) or Fall 2018.
  • Submit the application form via email to Applicants will then receive an ID number, which will be used for all required documents thereafter. DO NOT include your name on your essays.  Include your ID # in all email correspondences.
  • Submit resume via email (replace your name with your ID #)
  • Submit Essay 1 to describing your need for the scholarship and your academic and career goals. Use ID# instead of name.
    • Max 2 pages, MLA Format (12 point font, 1” margins, double spaced)
  • Submit Essay 2 to answering the prompt of essay A, B or C from Apply Texas. (Link to Essay Topics - 
    • Only one of the three essays (A, B, or C) that were prompted for are required for the essay 2 requirement.
    • MLA Format (12 point font, 1” margins, double spaced)
    • We recommend essay 2 to be at least 1 page double spaced (22 lines) and at most 3 and a half pages double spaced (~80 lines). If the essay submitted to Apply Texas is beyond that, we will still accept it, but we do not recommend you write that long of an essay
  • Top scoring applicants will be required to attend an interview with the selection committee
  • Spring 2018 recipients will be announced January 1st (subject to change). Fall 2018 Recipients will be announced prior to high school graduation.
Important Dates:
  • Spring 2018 deadline - December 1st
  • Spring 2018 recipients announced- January 1st 2018 (Subject to change)
  • Fall 2018 deadline - March 1st
  • Fall 2018 recipients announced - June 2018
Requirements to maintain scholarship:
  • 3.0+ GPA
  • 12 credit hours a semester
  • Complete 50 community service hours a year per semester of scholarship awarded PLUS one year.
  • Good Academic Standing

For more information, please contact