Self-Esteem Foundational + MMA 2 Week Camp [July 12 – July 25]

Last updated: July 9th, 2021

This two-week intensive camp is designed to immerse the participants in class-room education as well as practical application (daily exercises e.g. MMA) of the integral parts of self-esteem.

Dates: Monday, July 12 – Sunday, July 25th
Ages: 13 to young adult
Graduation: Sunday, July 25th, 2021
Price: $200 for Boys, $100 for girls (less class time).

Days (Boys):
Mon-Sat 4:30pm – Maghreb (Saturday’s pressure washing for boys)
Days (Girls):
Mon-Friday Online 7pm-Maghreb; In Person (classroom only) Saturday’s 4:30-Maghreb

Daily Schedule Template:

4:30 – Agility Drills and Strength Training
5:30 – Self-Defense Training
6:30 – Asr Prayer Break
7:00 –  Emotional Intelligence, Interoception, & Proprioception (Girls will join via zoom)
7:30 –  Lesson on Safety & Security
8:00 – Action & Accountability Lesson plus Homework
8:3* – Maghreb Prayer Break plus 10 min Debrief after Maghreb
Optional: 9:15 – Open Mat sparring for those who want to stay until Isha

Instructor: “Captain Ilyas” Siam. This is a system that I have developed (patent pending) from 22 years of studying, practicing, and coaching. I have a strong background in Martial Arts, Exercise Physiology, Bio Mechanics, Nutrition, Psychology, Ruqyah, and Leadership.

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Essential Components of Self-Esteem that will be covered:

(a) Understanding: Education on the components of Self-Esteem and on what destroys self-esteem. This will be followed by Assessment & re-assesment process. Participants will gain understanding not only through classroom knowledge, but also through feeling the effects of self-esteem.

(b) Emotional Intelligence: Education and exercises on understanding the role of emotions in the human system, and how to Acknowledge/Accept/Honor them.

(c) Proprioception: Education and exercises on fully feeling one’s body to transform trauma induced dissociation to being conscious and fully present.

(d) Interoception: Education and exercises on transforming dysfunctional homeostasis to functional homeostasis.

(e) Safety: Students will learn the foundations of self defense so they can begin to experience feeling safe to be in their body and safe to be their authentic self. Lack of safety is the root cause of toxic self-talk, and limiting beliefs. There will be physical training for self defense as well as education about the psychology of bullies and human predators. Many “self-defense” programs charge people money to merely go through exercises and techniques. This only makes stronger, faster, cowards & victims. My 2 week program will do more than merely go through the motions.

(f) Security: Transforming the toxic shame, despair, and people-pleasing that causes insecurity; to healthy shame, hope, and seeking the pleasure of Allah.

(g) Action: Putting all the above into action through realistic role play scenarios, practice at home and outside the Masjid, and a teamwork project. The teamwork project for this camp (boys) will be pressure washing the Masjid.

(h) Accountability: The driving force of self-reflection, corrective action, and perseverance though adversity. Participants will learn and feel the personal empowerment of accountability when put into action.

(i) Gratitude: Is a peak state that is achieved by being conscious of Allah and His blessing in the present moment. One can only enjoy life while in a state of gratitude. Dissociation induced by low self-esteem is what prevents a person from being conscious in the present moment. A person in a state of dissociation does not experience happiness, rather they are indulging in actions and habits to suppress their pain and cope with their deep insecurities. During this camp participants will learn how to move out of a state of dissociation and into a state of presence and gratitude.

(j) Commitment: The product of self-esteem is a person who lives a life with definiteness of purpose. This requires prioritizing what is important and being committed to achieve one’s ultimate life purpose. People who lack self-esteem drift through life grieving over the past, fearing the future, and worrying about other people’s opinions. This causes one to be confused about priorities and have shaky and scattered commitments. The participants in this camp through experiencing self-esteem will begin to build their definiteness of purpose and be committed to it.

Other Logistics:

FOOD: Participants will need to bring a healthy snack and drink [no processed food allowed].
Dinner: to be announced….

Graduation Party: (Catered dinner) graduates will share their experience and growth with family and friends.

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We are excited to have Capt. Ilyas Siam, a Professional MMA Coach, with over 20 years of experience! May Allah bless!

JazakumAllaahu Khayran!
Office of the Youth Director ([email protected])