Jazak Allah Khair for deciding to support the running expenses of your masjid as well as to fulfill your obligatory and discretionary charity responsibilities.  May Allah (s.w.t) reward you abundantly for your intention.

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Amount donated or pledged to support the expenses of the Masjid are Zakat-eligible.  Click HERE for the ruling by the ISGH Fatwa Council.

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Please note that the payment links above use the Kindful payment processing system preferred by Masjid AlSalam.  Anyone that does not wish to use Kindful may choose to mail a check to the masjid at 16700 Old Louetta Road, Spring, TX 77379, or use the Zelle system to send money from their bank account to Masjid AlSalam.  The Zelle website linked to the image below will let you know if your banking app supports Zelle.

If using Zelle, please use the correct email for transferring funds so they are directed to the correct program and add a Note to the transfer specifying the program: