Re-Education of the Uyghurs

Last updated: September 27th, 2019

WHEN: Friday, Sep 27th, after Maghreb (7:15 PM)

WHERE: Main prayer hall

SPEAKER: Br. Ali Wushur of the Houston Uyghurs Association

Upwards of three million Uyghurs have been incarcerated into so called “re-education” camps by the Chinese government. The whereabouts of the people taken into these camps are often not known to their family members.  When families attempt to inquire they face extreme crack down by the authorities. Uyghurs that are living inside as well as outside of the camps are forced to give up their religious and cultural identity and adopt the ideology of the communist party. Despite the magnitude of such atrocities the reaction by most western governments has so far been muted, as the Chinese government continue its efforts to eradicate the Uyghur minorities from their homeland.

This talk will shed light on the latest news surrounding this terrible situation faced by our Muslim Uyghur brothers and sisters.  Please make every effort to come and listen to this important conversation and find out how you can help.