Weekend Islamic School

Masjid Al-Salam's Weekend Islamic School (WIS) aspires to develop confident American Muslims.  Accordingly, we are offering classes for Pre-K to college level students.

Our curriculum focus on mentoring our children into ideal Muslim and Muslimah.  It is important for our children to have a genuine understanding of our Deen and its practical applications in life.  Help us enrich the future of our Muslim Ummah by enrolling your child with us.

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Registration for Spring Semester is CLOSED for all classes – In-person & Virtual 

Registration for the Spring 2022 Semester (pre-k thru 8th grade) and for the Youth Program 201 & 202 is closed.

The Weekend Islamic School abides by all state and federal safety mandates to safely manage the COVID threat for our students, staff, and volunteers.  We ask for the following from everyone:

  1. Everyone must wear a mask when in school.
  2. Please do not come to school if you feel unwell.
  3. If anyone associated with the school tests positive for COVID please immediately contact the school administration at [email protected] and your teacher or supervisor at the school.  This is very important to properly manage the threat of spreading the virus among others at school.
  4. Anyone that tests positive for COVID should remain in quarantine for the recommended number of days and must be free of any symptoms before returning to school.

Please refer to the following CDC link to see the current recommendations for schools.  The Weekend Islamic School shall abide by the guidelines presented therein.


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NOTE: this is your FIRST time registering your child, you would need to Create a New Account on the portal. Make sure to select the right option for your child class as follows:

- Regular classes Pre-K to Grade 8 - Choose “Sunday School”
- Special Need Classes - Choose “Sakina Program”
- Youth Class - Choose “Youth Class Girls” OR “Youth Class Boys”

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Classes and Lesson Plans *

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Classes from Pre-K to Grade 8

Curriculum Overview:

For Islamic Studies, the curriculum focuses on teaching Islamic values including Quranic and masnoon duas, salah, morals, and their practical application, utilizing different methods and teaching tools. Effective this school year, 2021-22, we will be using a new curriculum published by Darussalam, specially designed for weekend schools. The series will cover all areas of Islamic studies: Tafseer, hadeeth, Tawheed, fiqh, seerah, and general etiquette relating to different areas and situations.  The Islamic Studies lesson plans for each grade are provided below.

For Quran, the curriculum focuses on proper Quranic recitation with tajweed rules, emphasizing on Makharij and Siffat al huroof, along with basic translation and tafsir. For this, we will be using the suwar ( juz Amma & few more Suwar) given in the Textbooks along with Qaida Nooorania.  The Quran classes lesson plans for each grade are provided below.

School Timings (in-person): 9:45 am – 2:15 pm
Duration: 9 ½ months, from Aug 15th – May 29th
Tuition, including books: $200 per semester or $400 for full year

Special Needs Classes (ages 5 years to 15 years)

Program Overview:

Classes for our Special Needs Children in partnership with Dar-us-Sakina- Houston. For more information, please visit:

 https://www.facebook.com/dushouston/ and https://muhsen.org/portfolio/weekend-schools/

Class Timings (in-person): 11 am – 1 pm
Duration: 9 months, from Aug 15th – May 29th
Tuition, including books: $200 per semester or $400 for full year

Contemporary Issues Class (former Youth Class) (for Grades 9 and above)

Class Overview:

Discussion class for high schoolers and up. Live, interactive, and unique discussion classes on contemporary issues.

Objective: To examine together the relevant issues through a framework that is founded on the Qur'an and the teaching of the Prophet ﷺ. The three-step process is: (a) de/reconstruct the framework; (b) deconstruct the issues using the framework; and (c) establish a roadmap of implementation (based on Prophetic method e.g. Luqman's advice to his son).

We offer two sections of this course now Alhumdulillah - the first section is for our incoming 9th graders and new students, and the second section is for our 201 graduates.

Contemporary Issues 201

Syllabus: Please click here to access the curriculum.
Class Timings (online):
 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm
Duration: 9 months, from Aug 22nd – May 29th
Tuition: $40 per semester or $80 for full year

Contemporary Issues 202 (201 Graduates)
Please click here to access the curriculum.
Class Timings (online):
 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm
Duration: 9 months, from Aug 22nd – May 29th
Tuition: $40 per semester or $80 for full year

Instructor Team: Sr Aisha Khan, Sr Thuba Khalid, Br Musa Khan, Br Zubair ul Haq, and Br Hassan Masood.

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