Youth participation in the masjid is an area of keen focus for us.  We want our youth to feel at home in the masjid and we look at the leaders within their own generation to help guide us towards that goal.  This page is intended to highlight the programs and initiatives to help integrate the youth in our community in the affairs of the masjid, and to train them to be successful leaders of the society at large.

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Updates: September 2019

AA Dear Esteemed Community Members!

If you haven't heard, please check out the on-going programs from this office.

aH we are blessed with even more, this only highlights the new arrivals. iA we will be including many more including our scouts (cubs, boys, & girls) programming, hifdh (boys & girls), basketball, and the weekend program. 

There is more to come and we are excited. Please check out the current offerings, register & share your feedback so we are able to reach ihsan for our akhirah and the development of our youth together.

  • Fireside Chat (Bonfire) for Middle & High School Youth
  • Confident Muslim for Middle & High School Youth
  • Wood Technology foGrades 5 & Up
  • Raspberry Pi 3 for Grades 5 & Up
  • Confident Muslim for Middle & High School Youth
  • Champions Cup 2019 for Middle & High School Sisters
Please spread the word and if you wish to join the team, please feel free to reach out to me. We love to have you and there are tons of opportunities for all.

Office of the Youth Director